Federated States of Micronesia Postal Services About Us

Our History and Purpose

As a government agency, the FSM Postal Services was established in 1983, primarily to provide and deliver the postal operations and services as well as to sell stamps and other philatelic products within the FSM and throughout the world. The FSM Postal Services is comprised of three major divisions which continue to carry out their related but different functions. In addition to deliver and expand the services to the FSM States and their outlying areas, there are four main Post Offices and several branches that have been established in those respective areas.

Meet Our Team

Ginger Porter Mida Postmaster General


Juliet Jimmy Finance Officer


Memorina Sablan Philatelic Bureau Manager


Wensper Raymond Postal Inspector


Stacia P. Nanpei Pohnpei Postmaster


Evelyn Paul Chuuk Postmaster


Scholastica G. Figir Yap Postmaster


Walter Asher Kosrae Postmaster